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Secrets of extrasensory perception and paranormal phenomena

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Cosmic mentors, humanoids, energy allies, UFOs - myth or reality? Countless reports on unidentified flying objects (UFO) and other paranormal phenomena,
Countless reports on unidentified flying objects (UFO) and other paranormal phenomena, as well as on the continually increasing number of appalling contacts with rational beings of non-human nature have long made investigators doubt their objects' space origin, despite the striking divergence of their physical characteristics from conventional views on matter.

    One of the leading figures in paranormal phenomena investigations in the USSR, Vladimir G. Azhazha, Doctor of Philosophy, candidate of technical science, member of the USSR Scientific-Engineering Societies Association Ufologic Commission since 1975, was in charge of the scientific topic "The Hydrospheric Aspect of the UFO Problem". In 1990 he headed the first state institution for UFO research at the USSR Academy of Science, known then as All-State Interindustry Ufologic Scientific Centre. After many years of scrupulous analysis of immense and multiform data the scientist's view on UFO origin changed radically.

    Having initially belonged to the prevailing at the time group of scientists ( ) upholding the hypothesis of UFO extraterrestrial origin, in 1990 he stated: "During the period of ten recent years the Earth has witnessed (at my calculation) several scores of millions UFO landings. This Commission alone receives about ten-fifteen reports daily from every corner of the country. On October 5, 1989 the city of Kirov registered nearly a hundred occurrences of the kind, which is comparable to their annual number throughout the Perm region. To explore a planet, to probe it on such an intense scale would have been impossible if the 'researchers' were not inhabiting it themselves. They would have had neither sufficient resources nor enough spaceships. The frequency of contacts with humanoids points at their residing amidst us, on the same planet" ('Vecherniaya Moskva', March 24, 1990, p. 4).
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Part I. "Exstraterrestrial intellect" nearby
Disputes on the "field forms" of life
The 'invasion' exploration is led by military men.
Scientists abandon the extraterrestrial hypothesis.
Scientists abandon the extraterrestrial hypothesis (part II).
One single aim is pursued: capture of minds
The fatal consequences of the "encounters"
Victims to curiosity
The "fiery" gift.
Christian prayer is not to the 'newcomers' liking.
Experts' conclusions
Nonsense parade
Massed misinformation
Contacts are followed by mental disorders
How are new false religions born?
Humanoids' intentions are far from humane.
Is there any "secret" knowledge in Christ's teaching?
It is too short a way from seeking the "secrets of healing" - to denying Christ.
Free cheese in the Initiation mouse-trap.
Forms of humanoids' self-express.
Methods used by CPW
Forms of CPW self-express
Part II. "Latent potentialities" of man
The literary form of CPW self-express
Infernal Poetry
A nine-days-old "infant prodigy"
"Allies from the realm of shadows"
Subliminal dictation
A psychic's gift.
When the 'author' resembles a computer
"Creative Work" without either knowledge or ability?
"Someone dawns upon you"
Sergey Esenin and doctor Faustus. Similarity of fates?
"I will surely seduce…" (сf. Judges 4,9)
Freedom in a Soviet way.

The musical form of CPW self-express
"Merely a recorder...". Motor automatism.
Monk Mercuriy's evidence.
"He murders people in his songs…"
Propagation of deadly sins
Psycho-programming methods
A Musical Revenge.
The Pan-like composers.

The pictorial form of CPW self-express
Whom do the "latent abilities" belong to?
Special love for falsifications
'Sacred knowledge' in symbols and colours
Can a painting be aged?
The witch's circles.
The occult paths to the contacts
Who awakens the "God's gift"?
Creative activity stimulation in hypnosis.
A slap in the face for... prayer.

The illusionist form of CPW self-express.
"The great delusion" is not the sleight of hand.
Telepathic mechanisms.
Whose power is acting?
Fakir's hatred
Dr Faust's jokes
When the "omnipotent allies" turn helpless
What does "the implantation of feelings" mean?
The true makers of the false miracles
Playing the role of a wireless set
The four aspects of the Geller phenomenon

How do "they" do it?
"Nothing will prevent me from serving their aims..."

Mediums for an hour
Schizophrenia by TV
Where do these "powers" come from?
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My name is legion
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Sometimes just one book can answer thousands of questions. Perhaps you have an opinion of the true nature of aliens, wizards, and supernatural phenomenons.
This book will reveal to you such spiritual mysteries hidden behind simple everyday things and phenomena of which you may or may not have thought. After all, do you really see the whole picture?
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